Who are we?

Project code named 'Zebra' is created by people who loves to spend but cared to save. We have been there in pay cheque to pay cheque situations regardless of how much we earned- thanks to lifestyle choices we made. We come with diversified experience with a team that worked with leading banks in UK, technology, security, behavioural economics and design backgrounds. We strongly believe in behavioural economics , AI and its ability to influence human behaviour for good. In the last year, we have been studying many users extensively and believe to have come up with a product that would put users to be truly in control of their finances! We are excited to work along with you and be part of your success.

Our Vision

In a world that encourages spending, we plan to encourage saving towards your financial goals. Our vision is to be your one stop place for planning and fulfilling your big or critical moments in life with minimal credit. We aim to accomplish that vision with the best breed of technology, design and behavioural economics.

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